Friday, October 14, 2016

Milbon Deesse's Series

Hello lovelies,

For those who are following on instagram must have known my recent cravings, hair care products.

Milbon recently made it to Indonesia, I know them from my recent trip to one of Japanese salon in Senopati area, they are using Lingkage series specially made and used for salon or professional. It helps my hair tremendously, from being super duper dry and coarse to smooth and silky.

And now, I'll share with you that they also have products to be used at home on our own. It can be purchase from salons and do check out more details regarding Milbon Indonesia on their instagram account.


Their products that have made it to Indonesia are from Deesse's Series, consist of Neu Deu, Linkage and Elujuda. In this post I'll share a bit of my review using Neu Deu and Elujuda.


Hmm, where do I start?! Let's begin with Neu Deu. Shampoo and treatment care to be used at home, divided into SilkyLuxe for thin hair, WillowLixe for normal hair, VelourLuxe for rough and thick hair.

Elujuda also consist of several type, but instead of 3, the products only divided into two categories, thin hair (FO and emulsion) or normal to thick (MO and emulsion).

And one of the best part of their products are they have fragrance like notes from top, middle to base. Each of them smells so good and fragrant. You can easily noticed Neu Deu being so fruity and floral from apple, orange, grapefruit to lily, jasmine and rose with white musk at the base for shampoo and treatment (or conditioner). And the hair nutrient has aroma of lemon, mango, peach, rose and carnation. It was so good and relaxing.


The product comes in this beautiful packaging and several sizes. I think their prices are around Rp. 200.000 and above.


I'm using the shampoo and treatment on daily basis now, and I can immediately feel the differences from the first use. Most shampoo just cleans the hair, but this one makes my hair super silky. It felt surreal. When rinsed all those roughness, dry and coarse texture are gone, like my hair instantly becomes tame and manageable.

I don't even think the result could get any better, when I'm using the treatment (like using a conditioner, after shampooing the hair, rinse and then apply on the mid length to the ends) and rinse them well, it was super smooth. It is an experience that one's should try to believe it.


After using the shampoo and treatment, I can now use their leave in essence on my damp hair, right before drying.

Elujuda FO & MO, and Elujuda Emulsion.

The Emulsions are in lovely pink coral shade. One for thin hair (contain Keratin (CMADK) Baobab extract and ceramide 2) and the other for normal to thick hair (contain Keratin (CMADK) Baobab extract plus Aqua Collagen).

It has the aroma of blackcurrant, apple, citrus, rose, raspberry, and vanilla as the base.


Elujuda FO & MO in orange and yellow pump container.

They also contain Baobab, but its Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, where the yellow one adding Oil Soluble Silk PPT and the orange one using Olive Squalene.

The fragrance used are bergamot, apple, geranium, rose, jasmine and vanilla, musk and vetiver as the base.

What is the meaning of FO and MO? FO is Fluent Oil and MO is Mellow Oil. The texture is slightly different but they are both oils.


Elujuda FO & MO are oils and Elujuda Emulsion is emulsion, so it is slightly creamier. You can simply use any texture that you like, it is more to the preference. For me personally, I love the emulsion since they smells so good, more to the floral where FO & MO are more to the citrus side.

But they both works well on my hair. It felt a bit oily and creamy at first, but after a while, the hair will take the nourishment and become so soft and frizz-free.


When they are all used together, start from the shampoo, to treatment and then before drying it out, using the leave in care, it helps damaged and broken hair a great deal. Styling, combing, managing the hair become so much easier, the bonus part is that the hair become fragrant and shinier too. Like there's no damage in the first place.

I love changing hair color, changing their original texture too by perming and daily styling. It does make my hair suffer but I like to keep myself upfront of being trendy and it made me feel so good to. So now with Milbon, I can keep my 'hobby' and be confident while their products took care the damage made by those chemicals and heat from the tools.


I guess for all of you who are confused where to begin with, I think it is best to start with the shampoo and treatment on daily basis. Adding the Nutrient once or twice a week also really helps as the formula is richer and thicker than the treatment. It has the ability to transform the hair into silk like texture. If the hair was zoomed in using a magnifying glass, people could see the difference as the strands that are look like flyaway, has now smoothed out.


Bottom line,

Deesse's Series has given my hair opportunities to look great even thou it has gone through so many process and being so damaged. From frizz, breakage, dull, to brittle hair, has now become smooth, soft, manageable and so silky with aromas that I really enjoy on daily basis. It becomes my go to routine where I feel excited using the products.


Thank you so much Milbon Indonesia.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cottage Lait Corps Hydratant Moisturizing Body Milk

Hello lovelies,

back again with another product from Cottage which I have been using for quite some time now since it smell so good.


The Moisturizing Body Milk comes in an Ocean Blossom scent, blue colored packaging, and pump bottle. The details is provided on the bottle from how to use to ingredients. And I think the best part of the product is in the scent since the lotion is a bit too light to my skin. I need something thicker and richer for my dry skin. |


So I'm usually use the product after a body cream, since most products I'm using is for dry and sensitive skin hence they are (well, most of them) are scent-less or even scent-free.

Using one that smells this good is irresistible and I like to bring it on my bag. So I can simply use it anytime I want since it is very light, a bit powdery, definitely not greasy and comfortable as a touch ups.


As seen above, the texture is indeed light, almost like a gel and the milky cloudy blue color is just too cute. Another reason why the product is so irresistible.

Your usual body lotion is not fragrant enough?
Made with delayed-effect moisturizing agents, Cottage body lotion has been specially designed to maintain an optimal level of skin hydration* all day long. Enriched with sweet almond milk, a natural concentration of moisturizing and lipid-enhancing agents, it prevents drying skin, day after day.
Its rich and melting, non-greasy texture penetrates rapidly into the skin. The skin regains its suppleness, softness and comfort.
Special care has been taken to develop its fragrance: a delicious fruity and floral scent wraps your body in a halo of sensuality

Thank you Cottage Indonesia

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cottage Skin-Toning After-Shower Lotion

Hello lovelies,

this is Cottage Skin-Toning After-Shower Lotion in grapefruit.


Two-in-one care for moisturizing and scenting

Cottage After-Shower Lotion is specially formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance after your shower or bath while giving skin the moisturizing care it needs. Soft as a caress, this milky mist combines the mildness of fruit-enriched milk with the lightness of a spray enriched with essential oil. It absorbs rapidly and leaves skin moisturized, soft and wonderfully fragrant.
Clinical test of effectiveness* : +86% moisturizing 30 minutes after application, +74% softer skin after 14 days of use.
* Test carried out on 11 women using two applications daily for two weeks.

A fragrance

A juicy tangy fragrance that illustrates the flavour of freshly-pressed grapefruit juice. Its blend of citrus notes provides tonus and lightness.

Protects skin

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision


The product is as said, skin toning, so don't treat it like regular body lotion. It doesn't really moisturize the skin as it is made to tone the skin as made them appear firmer and the scent is just wonderful. The grapefruit smells so fresh and the sweet citrus awakens me instantly. I love the smell and the zesty effect on my skin after shower (but can literally be used anytime to boost the mood). And since my skin is dry, I add more lotion to the skin and top it off again with the grapefruit just because I love the scent so much.


For those who suffer blessed with oily (body) skin, they can enjoy using the skin toning as it helps hydrating the skin just right without (ever) being greasy nor oily since it was so light. It is watery, fluid and again, smells so nice.

For those who are like me, dry skin, could also enjoy the product after or before applying body cream.

Thank you Cottage Indonesia.


Hello lovelies,

this time I want to share a bit about Asmaraku, one of the site available out there that sells lingerie and many other 'love goodies' for married couples.

From flowers, beauty products, intimate items to novelties are sold at It is kinda like a one stop destination for those who are looking for a way to spice up their sex life. But I think they need to add a bit more spice since I think Indonesian are now more open and comfortable to play a bit.


I ordered a set of lingerie that comes with an undergarment that matches. The service was very good and discreet.

Browsing through their site also fuss free, everything is written clearly and as usual, we do need to read carefully as some details could be very important. Like there's a icon of free delivery, but it does with a specific details on the minimum amount of purchase.

The ninja icon made the cue pretty clear of their ideas in terms of discreet, precise, professional and fast too. Their responds not just for queries but when the item is delivered, they also send another email making sure we have received the product.

The packaging and wrapping of the goods is nice, doesn't expose the item inside, so we don't have to feel embarrassed, especially when still living in the same roof as the in-laws.


The material and quality of the product is lovely. The image on the website and the product itself is a match. They also sell high quality branded lingerie from French, they are bit steep but I guess because it's an original goodies.


I feel satisfied and happy with Asmaraku, they sell good quality products with service that discreet, accurate and efficient too. Would love to shop some more anytime soon.

Thank you Asmaraku.

Juara Radiance Enzyme Scrub

Hello lovelies,

last week Juara has just announced their newest addition in the scrub/mask area called Radiance Enzyme Scrub.

The event is held at Lafayette, Juara newest counter in Jakarta.


Designed for all skin types, this gentle yet powerful scrub exfoliates, cleanses and refines skin while minimizing the look of pores to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

  • 99% felt that the scrub prepped their skin for absorption of other skincare after just 1 use
  • 95% of women said the scrub deeply cleans without feeling harsh after just 1 use
  • 91% said their skin felt healthy-looking & invigorated after just 1 use
  • After 2 weeks use, 90% said their skin looked refined


The new baby in sync with Juara philosophy in using natural and safe ingredients for the skin.Plus, since the new regulation in USA has no more micro beads in it, their Radiance Enzyme Scrub also micro beads free. Safer for the environment and for our skin too.


During the event, Juara also share their current available mask and scrubs. We can see and tried their texture, plus smells the natural ingredients. Since I'm a huge fan of anything natural, they smells great for me. Including the new scrub.


Ms. Metha, one of the founder, as usual, she excitedly explain her passion and love regarding the new product and there's also something else, seems like Juara having some juices during the event and she coherently introducing how the product and beverage in the same line of being with nature and health plus beauty division.

I manage to try some of the juices and they are so fresh and do feels healthy to consume.


Seems like it was a day of fun for everyone who attends, we have a chance be beautified from within as well as our skins. There's hand pampering using the scrub and their beautiful candlenut collection that smells so heavenly. Oh, don't forget to check my instagram account @Carnellin for the ongoing giveaway with candlenut candle and some minis as the prize.


Let's go back to the scrub, shall we?! The product comes in a tube and the it has all the signature signs of Juara, the details, decor and the same color as the rest of their products.


The deep brown color reminds me of the earth and the gold resemblance the richness of Indonesian heritage and culture.



US standard in providing the details on the box and on the tube. Their website also suffice in terms of explaining all the necessary information from ingredients to how to use and tips too.

One thing that they emphasize is the duo function of the product as a scrub and mask at the same time.


Apply the product on the skin, spread like using a mask, not too thin, not too thick, just right. Enjoy the delightful fruity scent thanks to the apple enzyme in it.


Let the product set on the skin for a few minutes.

The product is paraben free, 100% vegetarian, hence you can rest assure of using only safe ingredients for the skin.

I never experience any discomfort, allergic reaction, nor problems when using products from Juara, my skin is rather sensitive in terms of artificial perfume or harsh chemicals, so far, they are happy using Juara.


And scrubs hasn't been a friend as well, but again, using Radiance Enzyme Scrub is a total please(r).


The scrub somehow looks like a pineapple paste (and smells kinda like it too), golden and beautiful. Jelly or gel like and easy to be spread on the skin. I prefer using the product after cleaning the skin from makeup and after foaming facial wash.


When distributed, it becomes transparent and again, at this stage, I'm enjoying the delicious tropical scent. And yes, Ms. Metha assured us, the scent are all comes from natural ingredients.


There's no tingling, warm or any 'weird' sensation when using the product. I left it there for a couple of minutes and seen to be a bit dried up.


This is the time when the enzyme working on the skin. And after they felt dry, gently massage the skin and then I add a bit of water, it become like this paste below.


I add more water it clears up and like lathers a bit too before finally rinsing everything off.

The skin becomes so clear, fresh and super clean, like they are just being detoxed without any pressure, harsh massaging movement (like during 'luluran'), so my skin doesn't suffer any problem like most scrub does since it's the enzyme that works on the skin.

There are fine scrubs particles felt on the skin but it was fine and overall comfortable.



One of the best scrub I've used. Suitable for any skin type, including those with erupting acne since the enzyme works really well in cleaning the skin and promote healing. Sensitive skin like mine can also enjoy the product and yes, after being clean thoroughly with Radiance Enzyme Scrub the skin can absorb skincare better since the dead skin are washed away.

Thank you Juara!!

TRESemme Total Salon Repair

Hello lovelies,

last week, I was invited by TRESemme for an event that celebrate their newest collection called Total Salon Repair.

The event invited many beauty bloggers and influencers with medias too. Asima Haq (Head of Marketing Hair Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk), Kieffer Lippens and Velova Vexia (TRESemme Brand Ambassador) are there to share their thoughts on the products and how they develop the idea of creating hair style and care at home on daily basis.


Current hair style and color that damaged the hair like constant use of hot tools to grey colored hair style. It's trendy alright but the hair suffer so much. Problems such as stressed hair, frizzy, flyaways, dull, severely damaged hair, to split ends and than broken hairs due to unbearable condition needs special attention, this is where Total Salon Repair steps in.

With Nourishing Power Ionic Complex, TRESemme Total Salon Repair help give nutritions and care for the damaged hair almost instantly. It helps the hair stronger and reduce the risk of hair fall (due to breakage).

Kelly Tandiono ( TRESemme Style Expert and professional model) said that TRESemme Total Repair has been her friend in caring for the hair to look gorgeous all the time.


After an introduction on the product, now everyone at the event can try on some of the styles shared. It was instant, brilliant and easy to do.


My hair is clearly damaged thanks to the constant change. I made them suffer and these formula can definitely help my lifestyle. Start from the shampoo and conditioner that smells so fruity and fragrant.

The cloudy milky gel shampoo lathers on easily on the hair. It smells so good. It helps clean the hair and gives them shine with perfume too. I'm not using them for my scalp since it contains ingredients that not really suitable for the scalp such as mineral oil and silicone. So, I'm using the shampoo for the hair only and use other shampoo for the scalp.

The conditioner has a thick, white creamy formula that made tangles go away instantly and add softness to the hair. If you happen to have damaged hair like mine, conditioner is a must. It helps in so many way, it calms, relaxed and made the hair looks like hair again instead of broom.


Get yours at the local supermarket and any beauty store near you.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hairchalk [International G I V E A W A Y]

Hello lovelies,

who loves changing their hair color all the time, and I really meant all..the..time. Like every single event, every single day, but really can't commit or doesn't feels like going through the chemical process?

Well, here's your answer, hair chalks.

They are not 'new' definitely in the business, many people has try them before and comes in several ways, brands, methods, and so on.

But comes with many colors and options that becoming a trend. Do check out for sure.


I can be timid, and try a few colors on my hair strands. Like using the purple and red as stripes. Using the chalks on some areas only.

Before going further, let's see the details provided by on how to use it.


Or, you can make a mixture the chalk in the water, and use the spray bottle to apply the color. You can also check out @Hairchalkco on instagram as they sometime share tips in using their products.

And mine is Independence Red Blue Ombre a 12 chalks set.

And it was not easy, I need some practice in using the product. The color is surely bold and the vivid, but it's still chalk and it since it was made to be used wet and when it's get dry the hair got all tangled up.


So my tips would be, apply on the hair that is cleaned, dry and already use some hair essence, especially when your hair is already chemically damaged like mine, it is already so dry and brittle.

Use the chalk when wet, apply on a combed hair section by section. As the wet chalk become like a sticky paste, left it be until completely dry, before combing them again. And be careful, these chalks are a mess, it will left mess everywhere, I prefer doing it outdoor.

Cleaning them is easy, just shampoo the hair and use plenty of hair mask or conditioner afterwards to replace the moisture back into the hair.


Does the hassle worth? Seeing the final result, yes! It covers hair that is dark to of course bright and bleached. It has the ability to transform the hair color instantly. The process took around 15-30 minutes for the result as seen above, so it was pretty fast.

Now, for you who are curious and would like to try, you can join the giveaway and win yourself a set or a product from

There will be one winner who gets to choose one product from the shop. It could be one set of 12 OR 1 set of 6 OR a hair chalk pad. The giveaway will run for two weeks. Anyone can gain entries by following social media profiles (instagram @Hairchalkco) and mine (@Carnellin).

Do follow me on instagram to read more details.

Thank you

Sop Durian Kunyil

Halo semua,

kali ini aku mau share pengalaman menarik mencoba sop durian dari Sop Durian Kunyil.

I love Durian, dan berhubung trend sop durian ini sedang 'in', rasanya sayang kalau tidak cobain.


Kebetulan Sop Durian Kunyil juga menawarkan menu makanan lain, yaitu Batasio. Berikut informasi yang bisa aku share mengenai Sop Durian Kunyil.

Sop Durian dan Batasio (Siomay dan Batagor) dari Sop Durian Kunyil
-          Bisa pesan langsung melalui Go-Food atau langsung makan di tempat ke Jl. Anggrek Cendrawasih Blok K No.39B, Jakarta Barat
-          Cek IG : @sopduriankunyil atau untuk promo dan menu lengkapnya.

Nah, tapi fokus aku sih lebih kepada sop duriannya, karena Batasio nya kurang sesuai dengan selera aku. Rasa saos kacangnya juga sedikit aneh, seperti berbau kulkas.


Tapi, Sop Durian nya sama sekali tidak mengecewakan. Teksturnya kental dan gurih, rasanya manis dan persis seperti memakan durian yang segar. Ada sedikit taburan keju diatasnya, buat yang engga suka keju, bisa request agar tidak pakai keju.

Tips penting untuk kalian yang mau mencoba dengan delivery, jangan lupa untuk segera mengkonsumsi sop durian karena bahannya fresh dan tanpa pengawet. Bisa tahan seharian jika didalam kulkas, tapi menurut aku, lebih enak dimakan langsung.


Porsinya pas untuk satu orang, dan packingnya juga baik, tidak ada yang tumpah atau berantakan. Bahan plastik yang digunakan juga aman untuk makanan, dan pastinya karena produk harus tetap dingin, pas dimakan sebegai dessert juga pas banget, bayangkan siang-siang sehabis lunch makan sop durian ini, pastinya seger banget.

Thank you Sop Durian Kunyil.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Juara Hope Candlenut Candle Giveaway

Hello lovelies,

wonderful news, Juara is giving two winners irresistible products to be won, what are they?


Juara itself is a skincare brand that has been focusing in safe, paraben free, natural, and safe to be used products using ingredients known to be the heritages of Indonesia.

Now, adding another collection from their Candlenut series, is their Candlenut Candle. Made from similar ingredients that smells heavenly like the rest of the series (which is my utmost favorite scent from Juara). It's easily loved, brings comfort and soothe me right over. From the oils, body creme, body polish and now the candle, so the whole house could become an instant spa retreat.


Here's what inside the box given to me (above image), and here's what the winners will get. Each of the winner will win products consist of the pouch, the Candlenut Candle, amounts of body cremes, cleansers, and moisturizers.


Simply log into the instagram and find my account @Carnellin. All the necessary details are there, you can simply answer a question and repost, easy peasy!

Thank you so much Juara, you always made my day.